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June 12, 2014


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Katherine Herriman

Unfortunately for me, the most popular paintings I've created are ones I don't want to re-visit again and have completely grown out of! It's strange when people like the paintings of yours that you yourself like the least.

Natasha Newton

Hi Katherine,

In certain cases, that exact thing has happened to me too! There are some paintings I'm not so fond of and yet other people love them, and some I am really proud of that just don't seem to appeal to others. That's why I said that it's impossible to guess what's going to be popular. It's a strange thing!

I hope your work is going well these days.


Judith pollock

I'm so lucky that I don't need to make a living through art.......it gives me the freedom to go with my instincts and create work that is of me....usually it starts with messing around with no plan in mind but then won't let go of me until it is born....my main artistic medium is print making but I have increasingly found that unlike most printmakers I cannot produce more than a few prints from a plate before the life force has gone out if it & me - if I go further then it becomes a reproductive process with no soul....
So keep exploring your true path!


I needed to read this, so much.

Sometimes I find myself trying to do things that 'aren't me' and then i feel sick because I'm doing it for the money, when I should be doing it for the joy.

Natasha Newton

That sounds familiar, Judith! Best wishes for your future and work, and thank you!


Natasha Newton

Exactly, Erin - I'm glad it touched a nerve with you. Sometimes it's ok to 'do it for the money' (especially when you need 'the money' to pay the bills!) but it's so important to stay true to yourself. I always think people can tell when art is genuine and authentic. Good luck with your work!



I think Chagall said "If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing." This certainly holds true for me.

Jules Means

Inspiring words, thank you
- jules

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